Our Middleburg Plant

Infrabuild boasts a plant in Middleburg, where our goal is to improve efficiency and create value for our customers and the surrounding communities.  Development of the workforce in the surrounding area is key.

Infrabuild’s Middleburg Operational Facility

Our Middleburg facility is located at the once-dormant site of Cemlock Cement (“Cemsure”), on the Samancor property, near the Samancor slag-dump.

Infrabuild has been lucky enough to retain most of the personnel and key management in this facility, allowing employees to retain their positions, and assist in the building of a new name.

  • Middelburg is the development hub supporting the power grid of South Africa. Infrabuild aims to provide some of the immediate infrastructure required to support it.
  • The underprivileged local communities near to the site will form a primary source of the Middleburg labour force.
  • Developing economies and customer bases are at close quarters, with access made simple by good freeway access.
  • Environmentally-friendly facilities in strictly-regulated areas